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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Communication Style 2- "The Aggressive Communicator"


 Insists that own rights are superior.
 Ignores and violates the rights of others.
 Communicates with inappropriate honesty.
 Overpowers others.
 Non-verbal behaviour overemphasizes verbal content of message.
 Interrupts and talks over others.
 Tone often sarcastic and cold.
 Voice firm, harsh and loud.
 Speaks quickly and fluently with few awkward pauses.
 Almost always win arguments.

Aggression secures the material needs and objects you desire.
 You have a greater capacity for self protection.
 Through domination and control you get your own way.
 You are usually very active in shaping your own destiny.

 Aggression provokes fear. Many people act with aggression because they want to hide their weakness.
 Aggression creates it own opposition and fosters its own destruction.
 Aggression often results in a lack of control. The underdog often gets the best of the aggressor in subtle ways.
 The aggressor tends to suffer from guilt feelings.
 The aggressor is dehumanized.
 People become alienated from the aggressor. It undermines love.
 It creates an unsafe society.


  1. SubhanAllaah

    JazakAllaah Ukhtea Zarina.

    I also want to thank you for introducing me to your blog, you're right indeed, I do find it very interesting.

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  2. As-salaamu-alaykum sister

    Alhamdulila, all Praise is due to Allah Almighty, and we pray that Allah accepts all our efforts.

    I am glad that you like this blog, I've been a little slow in putting up posts here because I got bogged down with work but insha'Allah I will begin to put posts up more regularly