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Thursday, February 11, 2010

What will people say?

The chit and the chatter never ends,
And who cares about what message that sends,
Stories get spread like wildfire,
As we speak and speak to our hearts desire.

What will people say?
How can I show my face today?
How will it look;
If my stories are told to everyone, like it is in a book.

My friends can’t possibly know,
That’s why I have to put up a show.
What will I do if my neighbours see?
It will change how they think of me.

Oh! The scandal will be unbearable,
There’s no cure for it, no magic pill.
Once people begin to talk about you,
It doesn’t matter what is false and what is true.

But, wait just a second! We seem to be forgetting something.
Clearly there’s something wrong with this picture,
What is the message we get in our Scripture?
The first opinion that matters is that of the Supreme Being!

So, what are we making a fuss about?
When our Creator sees everything, without any doubt!

The next time you worry about what people will say,
Take a moment to ponder about the Last day.
Think about what you will say,
When asked who you cared about most, during this short stay!

Dealing with the "what will people say phenomenon" to follow in the next post inshallah!

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