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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The story of the Butterfly

A family in my neighbourhood once brought in two cocoons that were just about to hatch. They watched as the first one began to open and the butterfly inside squeezed very slowly and painfully through a tiny hole that it chewed in one end of the cocoon. After lying exhausted for about ten minutes following its agonizing emergence, the butterfly finally flew out the open window on its beautiful wings.

The family decided to help the second butterfly so that it would not have to go through such an excruciating ordeal. So, as it began to emerge, they carefully, sliced open the cocoon with a razor blade, doing the equivalent of a Caesarian section. The second butterfly never did sprout wings, and in about ten minutes, instead of flying away, it quietly died.

The family asked a biologist friend to explain what had happened. The scientist said that the difficult struggle to emerge from the small hole actually pushed liquids from deep inside the butterfly’s body cavity into the tiny capillaries in the wings, where they harden to complete the healthy and beautiful adult butterfly.


(A true story- source unknown)

When life seems too much and when our problems feel overwhelming, it helps to remember this story and think about how all the most difficult things we've had to go through in our lives are the things that have allowed us to grow, thus becoming stronger, wiser and more enlightened human beings!

Remember, with the help of Allah (SWT) we can deal with any problem, large or small.

May Allah ease all our difficulties and allow our trials to be a means of growth for us all, Inshallah, Ameen!

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