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Saturday, January 16, 2010

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. All Praise is due to Allah, our Creator and Sustainer. May the peace and blessings of Allah Almighty be on the Blessed Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), and on his family and companions.

“Verily We have created man in the best stature (mould). Then We have reduced him to the lowest of low. Save those who believe and do righteous deeds. Then they shall have a reward without end.” (Holy Quraan- Surah 95- Verse 4-6)


If there’s one thing that most of us would agree on then it’s the fact that life seems to be getting more and more complicated. Never before have people being so connected to other people and to what’s happening in the world. Yet even though people are constantly “chatting” to someone, whether it’s on MXit, Facebook, via e-mail or through some other sort of social network, there seems to be more and more people feeling lonely, depressed, angry, stressed out, disillusioned, anxious, hopeless... and the list goes on and on!

Perhaps these are the consequences of a modern day society; maybe people will argue that we cannot get away from these things; that we just can’t help getting stressed out or experiencing road rage; that some level of anxiety, depression and even disillusionment is necessary to assist us to deal with our hectic lives. Maybe there are those that will argue that true peace and contentment is elusive. Then there might be those people who will insist that change is absolutely impossible, because no matter how one tries, nothing seems to work and their lives will always stay the same.

When I first began to study psychology I was intrigued- the various theories put forth about human behaviour on all levels, from cognitive to spiritual fascinated me. As time passed by though, I began to realize a very important thing, and this is that Islam inherently and naturally encompasses all we need to know to help us deal with things in our lives! Many of the things I learnt in psychology could also be found in Islam, even if it was put forth in a different way. The answers are all there, and the more I began to look for them, the more obvious they were. From time management to dealing with depression, anger and anxiety, the complete Islamic system provides guidance on how to deal with life!

Now I’m not at all saying that psychology is useless (I’d be quite a hypocrite if I was saying this). Psychology is very useful, but without the application of Islamic principles and means of dealing with things, it is incomplete. In my opinion, an integration of relevant psychological principles into the Islamic framework seems like the way to go.

So, that’s why I decided to start this blog- In order to shed some light on how this integrated approach may help people to deal with life better and to achieve peace (which is really not that elusive after all). So what I hope to do Inshallah is to discuss different topics (for e.g. dealing with-stress, anger, depression, relationship issues, etc). But it is not my intention to just write articles and post it here. I would really like this blog to be interactive. At times I will add relevant exercises, quizzes, practical things to do to help you deal... and so on and so forth. BUT- the more input I get from people the better it will be. So I would really like it if people posted topics that they would like to discuss (perhaps this relates to personal issues or more general ones, it doesn’t matter). I will try to address the issues people have to deal with by means of a new post on the requested topic and at the same time discussion from all individuals are encouraged and necessary so that we can all learn from each other’s experiences.

May Allah (SWT) make it easy for this effort to assist us all in achieving peace and contentment in our lives and I hope that we can also have some fun as we learn that life doesn’t really have to be so complicated after all!

Abdullah Ibn Amar (May Allah be pleased with him) narrates that Nabi Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said something to this effect; “Indeed the successful person is he that has accepted Islam, who has been granted sufficient sustenance, and whom Allah has granted contentment with that which Allah Ta’ala has granted him.” (Sahih Muslim, Vol. 1, p.337)

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) relates that Nabi (Pbuh) said something to this effect; “Wealth in essence is not defined by excessive possessions, rather it is defined by inner contentment.” (Sahih Bukhari, Vol.2, p.954).

For those of you (like me) who love taking quizzes to find out more about yourselves, I’ve added a link below where you can take different personality tests and get your results for free. There is one specifically related to this, called “Deal with It.” PLEASE BEWARE WHEN TAKING THESE TESTS BECAUSE PEOPLE OFTEN ACCEPT EVERY WORD THAT THESE TESTS SAY ABOUT THEM AND THIS CAN SOMETIMES BECOME VERY DISTRESSING. THESE TYPES OF TESTS ARE DEVELOPED TO PROVIDE SOME BASIC INSIGHT INTO AN INDIVIDUALS FUNCTIONING, BUT IT ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT DEFINE WHO YOU ARE COMPLETELY!

If you’ve taken a test, tell us what you thought of your results, or give any comment that you would like to, about this blog or anything else related. Let us know what topics you think should be discussed. The forum is open for discussion- Hope you all enjoy this! I'm looking forward to hearing your comments!

May Allah's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon you all!


  1. Slm Zarina

    I'm sure this blog will be very informative to all of us and also a means for us to ask questions pertaining to everyday matters - maybe also a way for us to vent LOL

    Shukran and may you be rewarded for all your efforts Inshaa-allah.

    Question - Is there any way that we can actually be informed on a regular basis of any new articles etc?


  2. As-salaams Khashiefa

    Thanks for the words of encouragement, I really do hope that people find this informative and helpful.

    I'm not sure about people getting notifications, I'm still new to this, but I can tell you that I hope to add a new post every weekend inshallah.

    If I find out about notifications I will definitely post it here!


    May Allah be with you always.


  3. Salaam Zarina,

    I'm quite new to Blogger and was editing my favourite books and accidentally clicked on Love in a headscarf and to my surprise Blogger came up with search results of people who have also listed the book in their profile.
    Hence I came across your blog, and just reading a coupld posts, MA it's amazing. I'm also a psychology student (and biology) and IA I hope to be a clinical psychologist.

    I couldn't agree more about how you've said that after studying psychology you realised Islam already has everything we need to lead our lives the way we should. Your words felt like a huge echo for me, I completely feel the same.

    There are more and more books, films etc out there now telling us how to be happy and lead good and fulfilling lives. Especially as the world keeps getting more complicated and psychologically aware, therapy is seeming essential to many in America. But Islam has been telling us that for over 1400years when most of the world was in the dark ages.
    What saddens me is that many muslims don't educate themselves enough when they have the opportunities and aren't even aware of how comprehensive, complete and beautiful our religion is in dealing with everything in our lives. If we won't know, how will we help those around us and change some of the negative perception of our religion.

    I really look forward to reading your posts and on your blog called Muslim Women Exposed. It's exactly the kind of thing people need to read in this day and age. And I look forward to passing on your words to my friends and my little masjid kiddies whom IA I will go back to teaching after my final exams.

    Thank you, JazakAllah Khair
    W/Salaam :)

  4. As-salaamu-alaykum Wonderwoman77

    Thank you so much for your comments, it really is reassuring and encouraging. It;s great to hear your thoughts. You are so right about Muslims educating ourselves. Islamic knowledge is so vast, there's so ,much more to it, like you've said its a complete and perfect system, but we've limited ourselves and now we've been led to believe that the Western World has all the answers. I used to think that psychology had the answers and that we could use it in an Islamic way, but slowly I began to realize that many concepts in Psychology has been taken from Islam itself. Also, Islam teaches us the fundamentals of counselling, such as empathy, listening to the person actively, respecting all people etc. It's quite sad that these things which are supposed to be inherent to us as Muslims have to be taught to us through other means. Nevertheless, Inshallah Allah will guide us to increase our knowledge in all areas and to apply it wisely.

    Thanks again for your comment, all the best with your exams and everything else, Looking forward to hearing from you again!

    May Allah be with you and all the Muslims always.


  5. Salaam Zarina,

    Lol I wish I was wonderwoman, sorry forgot to mention my name is Waffa.
    No problem :) It's always great to find the kind of things you want and need to read, and to pass them onto others too.

    Exactly Islamic knowledge is so vast, but arabic is not the first language of many muslims, so they fall into the cultural trap maybe of thinking learning how to read the Qur'an in arabic is the most important thing and our duty as a muslim is fulfilled at that, without even trying to understand the Qur'an's content.

    As an asian (originally from jammu & kashmir, but my grandparents moved to Pakistan during the conflict of the India-Pakistan partition. I know that alot of people in my community think their job is done if their children just complete reciting the Qur'an in arabic. But how is this going to benefit us when we are ignorant of it's message and meanings? There is definately a lack of comprehensive Islamic education for the majority, and sadly a growing lack of motivation to learn about it also, as backwards culture often contaminates our religious practices, becoming a hinderance to youths.

    IA I hope to do my part in changing this and really educating the kids at my masjid about the fundamentals of Islam such as having good moral character, being good to your parents, an asset to the community, doing charity etc, and lifting some of the cultural misconceptions.

    Yes ofcourse, Islam is the perfect system, with guidance for everything from societal and personal issues to economic issues. In fact we wouldn't be in a recession if the Islamic banking sytem was followed globally.

    Indeed its sad many don't see how empowering Islam is, but that's something for us to change!

    Thanks, will definately be keeping up with your posts!
    Waffa :)

  6. Asalaamu Alaykum


    JazakAllahu khayran Kathiran.

    Indeed a helpful and an informative blog.

    This blog has introduced me to people who think like me subhanAllaah as I was reading the above comments.

    And I've been dying to study Psychology for quite a while, now I's a long story lol

    Also about the tests, I took a test onlne last year to see whether I have Glossophobia or not (fear of public speaking) loooool

    It told me I did, even though I already knew, I just needed to make sure lol
    I was told I will eventually grow out of it, inshAllaah.

    Keep it up.

    tc Ws @->--